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  • Edmunds' expert review of the Used Audi S4 provides the latest look at trim- level features and specs, performance, safety, and comfort. At Edmunds we.

    There are 17 reviews for the Audi S4, click through to see what your fellow consumers are saying.

    About Audi. Audi is the most popular brand among used cars. The annual output is 2 million vehicles.

    Getting comfy with our new Audi S4, and not missing those extra two cylinders at all.

    Its fast enough to have fun but too heavy for sport driving in the mountains or racing at the track. No major problems in 9 years of owning it. The shining star of this car is the supercharged V6 engine. The wheels protrude beyond the tires and so you need to be very careful to not curb the aluminum wheels. Improved all-wheel drive, a more comfortable ride and a lower price make this a better package overall and a nice upgrade from the regular A4.

    Audi S4 Consumer Reviews | HOME1.INFO

    This is my second Audi S4. I have the Prestige Plus trim level, with upgraded Navigation system includes rear view camera. The model is a phenomenal car The best all wheel drive system available provides fantastic grip and handling in all conditions. Fuel consumption is much better than the previous models thanks to the smaller displacement engine, with no loss of performance. Small gripes - I'd expect memory seats and an auto dimming mirror in a car of this price they are available on the top tier "Prestige' trim package, but anything less doesn't get them.

    You quickly forget about this though as the rest of the car is just awesome. Can't speak to reliabilty as yet I had my last S4 for 4 years and loved driving every time I got in it. I think this one is going to be the same Your feedback has been sent to Cars. After resigning myself to getting a BMW xi a great car, but getting a little long in the tooth, and already owned by many of my friends and associates , I gave my local Audi dealer one last shot to come down in price on a S5 lease.

    They met me a little more than halfway, making my decision easy. The major factors in my decision were the requirements of all-wheel-drive, and an automatic transmission. Audi's S tronic transmission is amazing, not losing a beat to the manual.

    Like the A4, the S4 comes with AWD, but due to the sportier nature of the S4 it rides about an inch lower to the ground than the A4, giving it a more aggressive profile. Quite the opposite, the BMW xi actually rides higher than the non-AWD counterpart, in my opinion, detracting from the appearance.

    The xi can't compete with the S4. The i can, but then you're giving up AWD which was not an option for me. Some claim the current iteration of the S4 lacks a "soul", obviously lamenting the departure of the V8 from the prior S4. Me, I'll amazing performance, beautiful styling, comfort, and 25 mpg thank you very much. The only downside is how similar it does look to the A4, but it's better to have and not show than to to show but not have. I bought the S4 based on price, performance, looks, and gas mileage.

    The S4 is the best mix of performance, handling, features, looks, and price. The shining star of this car is the supercharged V6 engine. The torque output is amazing. In the dynamic mode, particularly with the sport differential option and the aftermarket sport springs that I have, the car handles like a go-cart. In "spirited" driving, it will slide rather than lean around corners - truly amazing for a fairly heavy AWD car.

    I highly recommend the silk nappa leather interior upgrade option. It looks classy and expensive. I highly recommend this car, and feel I made the very best decision. Better than my BMW i. I love everything about the S4. The interior design is top notch with the two-tone silk nappa leather seats, the Sports Rear Differential and quattro push the car through turns better than my RWD BMW, shifts are lightning quick with the DSG, and it is jaw droppingly fast both from a standing start and when passing on the highway.

    My only complaint is that the cabin is so quiet; you can only hear the engine at wide open throttle without an aftermarket exhaust. Overall an amazing car and I'm very happy I actually cross shopped the Audi. Wow, what a ride! This is my first Audi, but I've admired and watched them very closely for years. This S4 is NOT for the timid or meek at heart -- it's a true sports car, masked in a 4-door and very useful sedan covering.

    Its quickness and ability to get from point A to point B in the most effortless and expedient manner when other cars might whine, or hesitate, or grunt just to get up-to-speed -- the S4 is already there with seeming ease. But one must be careful, to not get a ticket, or to not end up in the bumpers of the mere mortal vehicles ahead I've got just over 19, miles on the car at this point. I've had it into the dealer twice for an alignment and changed the tires but I still find the steering to be twitchy.

    Audi S4 B8 3.0 TFSI 2009 [REVIEW] car video by Calvin's Car Diary

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