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  • A new turbo V6, optional air suspension and large menu of Audi SQ5 is a practical SUV that's a lot more fun with horsepower.

    Find out why the Audi Q5 and hot-rod SQ5 are a bet to top rivals from Look for a Audi Q5/SQ5 release date in the summer of

    About Audi. Audi is the most popular brand among used cars. The annual output is 2 million vehicles.

    Priced from £46, Release date Now. If we were to call the entry-level Audi Q5 TDI a sluggard, we would be lying like a hairy egg.

    Some premium-compact crossovers are faster, many flashier, but Audi Q5 and SQ5 hard to beat for overall appeal Posted by: The Nappa upholstery looks like something out of a Bentley the British ultra-luxury brand that is part of the same group that owns Volkswagen and Audi , but ordering them precludes ventilated front seats. My god, these brakes. We have partnered with trusted dealers in your area to give you a great price on the new Audi Q5. German models include standard 7-speed S tronic transmission for all V6 models.

    Pricing, features and review of the Audi SQ5 - Roadshow

    The Good The SQ5 will get you anywhere in a hurry and has an impressive smattering of tech. The Bottom Line It's expensive, but if you want a solid blend of performance and family-friendly usability, the SQ5 is worth a gander. The Audi SQ5 is a performance crossover, so it's probably not the car you had on your wall growing up. Nevertheless it's a purchase that will embody the blend between the desires of Younger You and the demands of the Adult You.

    The best of both worlds, amirite? Audi's turbocharged SQ5 will leave you -- and, if applicable, your family -- smiling on most drives, whether it's on the way to soccer practice or an evening drive with nowhere particular in mind. Growing up sucks, but the Audi SQ5 is proof positive that there are ways to make it less of a bear. Usually, the aesthetics of a car don't actually bother me, but there's one spot on the SQ5 that doesn't rub me the right way.

    The rear bumper has what looks like tailpipe outlets from a distance, but once you move closer, you'll notice that they're just fake expanses of plastic -- the real pipes are tucked up and behind it.

    Otherwise, the SQ5's pretty understated for a performance crossover. The Q5 on which it's based is a generally handsome, angular egg with some sharp lighting on both ends. The front seats are plenty spacious, but things get tight in the back, especially with headroom, where passengers above 6-feet tall are going to feel cramped.

    As for its hauling abilities, the SQ5 is At 27 cubic feet, the cargo hold has less space than what my compact station wagon offers, but it's still ahead of competitors like the Porsche Macan and Mercedes-Benz GLC.

    It can't beat the jam-packing capabilities of the Jaguar F-Pace, but it'll work for short family road trips or visits to the golf course. The SQ5's beating heart is a 3. Smash the gas pedal and it sends all that business to all four wheels through an eight-speed automatic transmission. The SQ5 is adjustable in so many ways that it's hard to use just one word to describe its character, but it definitely feels quick enough, even if its performance numbers are only mid-pack on paper.

    The car's outright adjustability means you can set it up however you like it, but somehow, each mode has a bit of a downside. With the transmission in its default D setting, it aims for efficiency with early upshifts that suck out some of the fun.

    Put it in S, and it livens up and feels like a performance car should, but the downshifts on deceleration are rough. The exhaust almost disappears in its quietest mode. You'll want it in Dynamic for some proper pop-burble-snort action, but the tradeoff there is incessant drone at highway speeds.

    Even in Comfort mode, the optional air suspension feels a smidge bouncy on Michigan's horrible post-winter roads. It's a performance SUV, though, so while it may not feel great in that specific instance, it firms up nicely in Dynamic mode and keeps the handling good and flat in corners.

    2018 Audi SQ5 – Redline: Review

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