Audi mechatronic recall

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  • Have just been told the dreaded news that my TDI needs a new Mechatronic unit and dual mass clutch pack? I've had the car from.

    Hi Just wondering if anyone has any PDF's or TSB numbers for recalls regarding the failure of mechatronic units, from Audi UK? For the 7.

    Warning Audi Faulty Mechatronic Units A work colleague and myself (Allen It is widely reported that Audi VW Australia recalled thousands of.

    Then you will pass the problem to your solicitor who is an specialist in consumer law. ChrisThomas Senior Member Jun 5, Do you trust your mechanic? No, create an account now.

    Audi and Skoda join VW transmission recall | GoAuto

    Exactly the reason why I don't touch second hand DSGs, people who owned them don't know how to drive them properly for some reason.

    I don't think it's avoidable, my cousin had a DSG mk 6 GTI that just crapped itself, had to fork out 5k for a working setup and sold the car on. Treating it like an automatic which its not. Creeping forward with a DSG as you would in a conventional auto is bad news, you're effective slipping the clutches which creates a lot of heat, wear and eventually failure.

    People are never told this though since the manufacturers don't want to highlight the shortcomings of their own product, so they tell people to drive them like they would a conventional automatic, which is what actually destroys them. Have you asked the audi dealer for goodwill on the mechatronics unit.?? VAG have been replacing these for owners for nix or reduced price if pressed.

    For these vehicles, the control unit in the DSG could cause a false temperature signal which indicated that the clutch was overloaded. If this occurred, the control unit would open the clutch in order to protect the gearbox. I'd be surprised if the previous owner didnt take the car back as all owners were informed of the recall.

    Although I get a feeling it would have been returned.. Shesh whats with all the whinging over DSG repair prices Ive always paid at least to simply swap out a bad convential auto box with another USED box that could fail at any time with only 3 month warranty on cars only worth around 3k anyway. Let alone a clutch "rebuild" that I have been quoted at least 6k on plain old auto boxes for cheap nissans mazdas etc.

    Make sure there is enough room in front of you to be able to put some gas while moving forward like how you would do on a manual transmission car. Sorry if this is out of place but I found a pleasing feature in my diesel 6sp manual dual cab. Great for traffic situations and even works while creeping uphill. Precisely why I sold our A3 after 3 years. There were intermittent almost knockin sounds when creeping in 1st after the second year which got worse in winter.

    Service centre reported that they could not replicate it and it went unfixed. I have totally zero faith in DSG and fail to understand why the hell are Audis and VWs still so popular with all these unresolved issues. My elder brother had a golf which left him stranded on the freeway and required a mechatronic replacement. Nasty out of pocket experience.

    Wouldn't ever go near anything with DSG ever again. It was almost forgivable in an Alfa I'd owned with Selespeed simply because well, they were sexy machines which drove well and was after all, an Alfa Romeo but VWs?

    VAG Engineering is abysmal. Just confirms my own terrible ownership experiences with VAG products. Could the latest issue be a loose battery terminal? Or is the car shutting off a symptom of the unit failing? Meanwhile, my Mazda3 after ditching my VW will be 3 years old in a few months with no problems.

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