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  • So I had P a few years ago turned out to be a loose gas cap. I replaced the vapor canister purge valve and code went away This morning, CEL and another P "small evap leak detected.".

    Possible Causes and Repair Information for P Audi code. Learn what does P Audi means? P Audi EVAP System Small Leak Detected.

    About Audi. Audi is the most popular brand among used cars. The annual output is 2 million vehicles.

    Repair Information for P Audi code. Learn what does P Audi EVAP System Small Leak Detected means?.

    One side has a hose clamp and will likely hold, but the other is still just jammed up in there. I am not sure if my code is due to an issue perhaps in the evap system, or maybe there is a tiny leak but if the gas tank is not super full the leak detection system is buffered by the extra volume of vapor causing a much slower change in the vacuum during the test phase. Would a sticky PCV throw the same code? After I got it on the road again, the codes P I think have been coming for 4 years. Send a private message to silverd2.

    P - OBD-II Trouble Code

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    To start viewing posts, select the forum section that you want to visit from the selection below. Results 1 to 19 of Register or Log In now! What can u do to fix fault code p? Do u buy a dv valve or pcv valve? Firstly, I don't know what that code is, but you can go to the ross-tech site and it will tell you the fix, I believe.

    Else google the answer or lastly, wait for someone here to reply. Last edited by Kolyan2k; at I was throwing , , and one other one "turbo underboost". I replaced the diverter valve and cleared the codes. That took care of the underboost, but and came back. The car won't start after being filled with gas unless I pump the pedal a few times.

    I have a feeling this one is more than just the cap. Is it a problem to run with an evap small leak? I was told by my tech that it's not a big issue at all and wont effect performance, just emissions tests which they dont have in Florida.

    Did anyone figure out the fix for the p code? Check your gas cap? If the gas cap is on tight at least three clicks when tightening but that didn't resolve the problem ie.: CEL was cleared and the same code came back , you could try and replace the gas cap. If it still came back then there's a leak somewhere. Originally Posted by Quattro.

    Originally Posted by Tanner. I drove around without a gas cap on my 01 A4 for two days before it threw a CEL when I took a corner hard so I'm guessing the gas being thrown around was enough for the system to detect a leak.

    Problem with these leaks, assuming it's not the gas cap, is that it could be difficult to troubleshoot. I would take this as an exhaust leak also. My car idles and I dont feel any leaks, then I push on the gas while my buddy feels around the exhaust clamps and its leaking. My solution is going to be welding the thing together once and for all. It was in a accident before I bought it. The right wheel was pushed up into the wheel well. This tore out the evap line behind the wheel well.

    According to the previous owner there were no codes before the accident. I patched the line with some tubing and epoxy. After I got it on the road again, the codes P I think have been coming for 4 years. I did not build a smoke machine. I could feel the purge valve working. I finally tried to put a few lbs air pressure into the system by the purge valve tee.

    You could hear it leaking by the drivers rear wheel well so I tore that apart to discover pressure just exits through the air cleaner on the leak detection pump. My patch did not leak nor could I find any other leaks. Finally, someone had blogged about carbon plugged purge valves.

    2006 Audi A4 Jetta 2.0T B6 N80 Purge Valve Replacement FIXING starting issues after filling fueling

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