2015 fiat 500 abarth

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  • Read this editor's review of the fiat c - Fiat Abarth Review.

    Full test of the Fiat C Abarth automatic. Read more and see photos at Car and Driver.

    It is interesting! The faces of the company Fiat are famous racers Michael Schumacher and Kimi Raikkonen.

    Check out the Fiat / C Abarth review at HOME1.INFO Use our Car Buying Guide to research Fiat / C Abarth prices, specs, photos, videos, and more. Tested Model: Fiat C Abarth Automatic ·. Fiat

    I should point out that in addition to the available autobox, the Fiat including Abarths receives an all-new gauge cluster with full-colour LCD display for improved readability. I no longer have the long commute so I might consider another Abarth. I love The Henry Ford Museum. What is the Fiat Abarth? Once you get moving, all the little adjustments to the shift programming start to make sense.

    Who says a two door convertible can't be a fun family car? Check it out on Auto The Mustang GT convertible is fun in the sun, with lots of pony-car pizzazz to go along with it.

    Hop in and feel the wind in your hair. To add it to your profile, you will need to sign in. What is the Fiat Abarth? When the Abarth was launched, it was a manual-only affair, and mainly aimed at those with a performance mindset. One group it did grab the attention of was women looking for something a bit more special than a Fiat Turbo. However, many of those customers balked at the idea of having to row their own gears. Enter the Fiat Abarth with an automatic transmission, new for , and available in both hatchback and cabrio body styles.

    Driving the Fiat Abarth Instead of just dropping an automatic transmission in the hot Italian microcar and calling it a day, the engineers at Fiat did some tweaking to the Aisin-supplied automatic cog swapper, along with manipulating its shift programming to give the car certain Abarth-esque characteristics.

    Automatic-equipped Abarths are mated to the same 1. However, it does provide a different level of power. At the sacrifice of 3 hp, the automatic gains 13 lb-ft of torque, while also getting an extra cog in its box of gearing the manual is only a 5-speed, while automatics get six ratios.

    Instead, the transmission is a traditional torque converter unit though Fiat added more clutch plates and stronger gears that delivers power from a standing stop in a much softer way than its dual-clutch automated manual counterparts. While full-throttle launches with the manual-equipped Abarth can easily turn into angry little smoke shows, the automatic plants just enough power down to get the car on its way without all the squeal-y, smoky drama Abarth models are known for.

    Once you get moving, all the little adjustments to the shift programming start to make sense. Engineers attempted to make the automatic feel as much like a manual as possible without resorting to hooking up a clutch pedal.

    Fuel-cut upshifts give drivers an abrupt kick to the backside as the Abarth accelerates through the gears. Gear holding is also introduced -- for cornering and other conditions -- making the slushbox stay in the exact gear you want without having to resort to manual mode on the stick.

    Oh yeah, if you want to shift this slusher for yourself, the stick is all you can use. Yet, even with all these trick changes to make the automatic feel like a manual, it makes you wonder if giving the Abarth a dual-clutch automatic, with all these sensations intrinsically built in, would have been a wiser choice. That is if packaging would have allowed it. Even with all my slight criticisms, the new automatic Abarth is a blessing to us gearheads as much as it is to those who want a sporty hatchback without three pedals.

    The more of these cars Fiat can sell, the more they can build, which makes a stronger case for other performance-oriented Fiats in the future. Inside and Out of the Fiat Abarth Automatic Sitting inside the automatic-equipped hot is exactly the same as its manual brother, though for there are some upgrades across the range. Firstly, the Abarth now gets a new instrument panel with customizable screens. When the angry Italian is put in Sport mode, purpose-developed graphics are shown to the driver providing more performance-oriented information.

    Fiat 500 Abarth 1.4 16V Turbo 0-100 acceleration

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