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  • Read the definitive used Jaguar XK - review from What Car?. We tell you what you need to know before you buy.

    The Jaguar XK is a fantastic sports coupe, with stunning looks, great performance and a smooth ride. It's no longer on sale, but still holds its.

    Jaguar seems to be gradually adapting to life in the 21st century and the new XK is the strongest evidence yet that it can make a modern car.

    Fortunately, there is no shortage of cars for sale. A bona fide modern classic, there is something about this big cat that exudes style and charisma as much today as it did on its release 16 years ago. It may be fine, but chances are the damage will already have been done. The XK8 is a grand tourer like no other.

    Jaguar XK: Review, Specification, Price | CarAdvice

    These days, even good examples cost peanuts. We assess the pros and cons of ownership The first thing you notice wonderful noise from the quad-cam 42 valve V8 engine.

    All bhp is put through the rear wheels, and the big engine makes it handle like a car should. The XK8 is a grand tourer like no other. Cruising is effortless, the cabin quiet and hugely luxurious, albeit not roomy. There is a noticeable lack of space in the cabin, in particular the rear seats, where there is no legroom at all if the person in the front is over 6ft. On the plus side this space seems to have been taken up by the cavernous boot. The real downside is the high fuel consumption.

    You may get 28mpg at a push, but more likely mpg. Despite the huge power output, the XK8 is most comfortable in everyday driving. Nikasil was used by Jaguar as a cylinder lining in the mids. It has many desirable properties, but, unfortunately, disintegrates when it comes into contact with sulphur, an ingredient of petrol.

    It may be fine, but chances are the damage will already have been done. A lumpy idle is indicative of bore wear due to Nikasil degradation.

    Post cars should be safe, as the sulphur content of UK petrol dropped dramatically and Nikasil was dropped in favour of steel. Jaguar dealers can test for premature engine wear in Nikasil engines. Pre replacement engines will have a small tag to the nearside of the engine block. Front floor pans were poorly rust-proofed, so lift the carpets and check for any signs of rot. Do the same with the boot liner, but be sure to check thoroughly, lifting sound deadening as well. Pay attention to where the battery tray is welded to the floor.

    Check both front and rear arches, being sure to look behind the plastic liners, which can disguise serious rust. Rear wheelarch liners cover a shelf that can trap dirt and allow rot to set in.

    Be sure to poke and prod the front sill. Open the bonnet and check the bottom of the windscreen for signs of rust. Be wary of cars that have been left under trees, where leaves may block drain holes. Start the engine from cold and listen for rattling from the cam chain. Many early cars were fitted with defective tensioners, which may result in a loose cam chain over time.

    The loose chain may jump teeth, causing the car to run rough, or worse, completely self-destruct. Ensure there is evidence in the history file that the tensioner has been updated to a later version, and that the chain has been changed in higher mileage examples.

    Check the oil filler cap for mayonnaise, and the coolant reservoir for signs of oil. Both indicate a blown headgasket, which requires an engine re-build. Check for white smoke from the tailpipe when revved, which will suggest engine wear that also requires a re-build.

    218 Fifth Gear - All New Jaguar XK

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