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  • We always thought the current generation Mazda3 was an awesome-looking thing, This bad boy is not a Liberty Walk or a Rocket Bunny.

    Products 1 - 30 of Your Mazda 3 is fast, make it look the part too with ground effects or a body kit, and individual components like scoops, rear spoilers.

    Fact! Initially, Mazda was called Toyo Kogyo. Rebranding was held not so long ago, in 1984. The name is taken in honor of Zoroastrian wisdom god Ahura Mazda.

    de Mighty Style Mazda 3 with widebody kit from JGTC Rocket Bunny Mazda RX 7 Foil Tuning 4 x Powerful Style Mazda 3 with.

    Add style and performance to your car with this superior body kit. Give the back of your car a high performance look with this Custom Style Rear Spoiler. Perhaps we can see if something can be brought to the masses? Check back soon for more details and more aero kit listings

    Gen2 Wide Body Kit - Mazdaspeed Forums | cars | Pinterest | Mazda, Cars and Wide body kits

    We always thought the current generation Mazda3 was an awesome-looking thing, a hatchback that deserves more attention. We didn't see any tuning projects, but it turns out we were looking in the wrong places. This bad boy is not a Liberty Walk or a Rocket Bunny. It looks like a race car, doesn't it? Let's go through some of the changes and see what's going on.

    The stormtrooper look starts at the front with a black grille and some tinted headlights. Some of the bumper appears to be stock, but it's been decorated with all sorts of goodies. There's an adjustable chin spoiler in black that creates some killer aero down the sides. Small winglets painted black can be seen just below the lights. Obviously, fender flares are part of the package, folded straight into the existing bodywork of the Japanese 3 Series.

    Air suspension and extra-wide wheels with a chrome lip take advantage of the significant body. The back is our favorite view, thanks to three aero elements. The trunk gets a massive wing bolted at the top and a spoiler above the taillights. The race car look continues at the bottom, where a large diffuser is ready to suck the Mazda3 onto the road.

    Looking a lot like something from Japan, this Taiwan tuning project also presents us with some titanium exhaust tips. Hopefully, there's magic under the hood as well, though we don't have any technical information. We want to say it's discreet, but as you're going to see in the photo gallery, green brake calipers are don't allow it to go unnoticed.

    That version of the car also presents an interesting grille insert and a vented hood. You can probably mix and match these parts. Is Tesla Model 3 the Safety Queen? Has Tesla Outgrown Its Maker?

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