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  • Any way to quiet loud injectors? - Bob Is The Oil Guy
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  • So whats the remedy for noisy fuel injectors? I thought it was the valves or the lifters that were making the clicking/ticking noise but it turns out.

    Test and analysis methods for gasoline fuel injector noise are presented along with representative results. Particular attention is paid to validating the test.

    Theories range from “don't worry about it,” to noisy fuel injectors, to normal operation of the variable valve timing system, or camshaft problems.

    Print Thread Hop To. It seems to be most common in earlier Coyote Mustangs. So you have to refer to the factory legends to learn the identification symbols and then refer back to circuit diagrams to find the splice and ground locations. Is the Coyote direct injected?

    Noisy injectors - how to fix? - New Tiburon Forum : Hyundai Tiburon Forums

    Regardless of the make and model of your car, you may encounter an engine ticking noise situation. Owners report the engine ticking noise is usually worse when the engine is cold. Sometimes the engine ticking noise goes away as the engine warms up, but in other cases it remains. Here are some possible causes and fixes. Newer GDI engines have a totally different style of fuel injector and these fuel injectors make an engine ticking noise especially on cold start up.

    GDI injectors are mounted so they inject gas directly into the cylinder instead of in the intake manifold. Because the gas is injected during the compression stroke, they operate at a much higher pressure, as high as 2,psi. There are two styles of GDI. Both makes a ticking sound, but owners seem to complain more about Piezoelectric injectors. Also, GDI engines have two fuel pumps; low pressure and high pressure. The low pressure pump moves gas from the tank to the high pressure pump.

    The high pressure pump takes gas from the tank and boosts it to 2,psi. The high pressure pump runs off a 3-lobe portion of the camshaft. As you might imagine, it takes a lot of energy to generate 2,psi. If you switch away from the factory recommended oil, you can cause substantial wear to these 3 cam lobes and that will make an engine ticking noise.

    Hydraulic lifters eliminate the need for periodic valve lash adjustments. They self regulate valve lash due to the clearance between the body and the cup and the amount of backpressure during push rod operation.

    The lifter contains a body filled with engine oil and a cup mounted upside-down inside the lifter body. As the body is pushed up by the cam lobe, the engine oil exerts an equal amount of force on the cup, which moves the push rod. Overhead cam engines sometimes use an hydraulic bucket lifter. Obviously, neglecting oil changes causes pre-mature wear between the body and cup and between the roller and cam.

    Valve lash is the clearance between the rocker arm and valve stem push rod engine or between the cam lobe and the shim overhead cam engine. Crankshaft, camshafts, and piston rods ride on a cushion of oil film. The oil pump pushes oil into the bearings and the oil squirts out of the bearings at a certain rate of flow. The rate of flow depends on engine temperature, RPM, and torque. Stomp on the pedal and the extra torque squishes more oil out of the clearance.

    However, engineers design the lubrication system to account for all these conditions. In other words, the pump should always provide enough oil pressure and flow to maintain oil film strength between parts. Low oil pressure and lack of flow can cause engine ticking noise. Also, the wrong oil filter can reduce pressure or flow to the point where you encounter slight loss of pressure.

    An exhaust leak can sound like a low rumble, but it can also sound just like and engine ticking noise. It is most noticeable when the engine is under heavy load. This arcing sounds just like an engine ticking noise.

    I could go into all kinds of specialized techniques, but the easiest way to nail down the cause of your engine ticking noise is to use and automotive stethoscope. R ead this article to learn how to use one.

    Testing Fuel Injectors Fast

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