2018 lexus ls 500 review

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  • Read our review and see photos at Car and Driver. If God is in the details, then the new fifth-generation Lexus LS packs a supernatural punch.

    The Lexus LS has been taking it to the German triumvirate since the days when Audi was best-known for something it would rather forget.

    Edmunds' expert review of the Lexus LS provides the latest look at trim- level features and specs, performance, safety, and comfort. At Edmunds we.

    Losing to Father Time. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Oops, we messed up. These hybrid Lexii subsist on the 3. We found the adaptive cruise control and lane keeping systems to work well and ease long drives.

    Autotrader - page unavailable

    The Bad The F Sport trim sacrifices some softness for very little sport, and that blasted infotainment is frustrating to use.

    If there's one thing Lexus has perfected over the years, it's the luxury experience. Its cars are incredibly quiet and comfortable and set high benchmarks for the Japanese luxury set. But if there's one area where Lexus continues to fail, it's with infotainment. Whether it's the company's new touchpad or previous mouse-type contraption, Lexus' infotainment offerings have struggled with clunky interfaces for years, and it doesn't appear that'll be changing anytime soon.

    Both of these attributes come to a head in the LS Lexus' latest big-body sedan is so good in so many ways, but I feel it's being held back from its full potential. I can't lay all the blame on the infotainment, mind you -- just most of it. While its German competitors continue to err on the side of conservative design, Lexus continues to double down on its love-it-or-hate-it approach.

    The LS has a front end that's mostly grille, the back end is mostly creases and the sides are all wavy-gravy lines. If you want a large car with character, the expressive design will work in your favor. But the properly good stuff lies inside.

    The LS 's interior is the best of any Lexus yet. Fresh style abounds, from the quasi-floating armrests and the layering on the door panels to the way every line on the dashboard heads somewhere with purpose. I don't even mind the weird little art installation thing going on in front of the passenger seat, even if it feels a little chintzy when you touch it.

    The F Sport trim brings a unique type of seat, one that I find to be endlessly comfortable and supportive. A wide variety of materials are on offer in a few different colors, and I especially enjoy the brown-leather getup with herringbone wood trim -- something you can't get on F Sport models.

    As much as I love that glass, I can't say it's worth that price. If the Lexus F Sport trim were merely an appearance package with bigger brakes, that'd be fine. But it also adds sport-tuned adaptive dampers that actually prevent the LS from showing off its max potential.

    The ride isn't bad, not by a long shot. Even with the F Sport trim, the LS is plenty plush, soaking up bad roads with nary a peep making its way through to the occupants -- Lexus' noise isolation is second to none. I find that the best way to drive the LS is to ignore the sportier drive modes and just leave it in Comfort all the time. That's where it feels most at home. I just never feel rewarded driving the car in a sporty manner, so why bother with stiffer dampers?

    Gone are the days of the V8-powered LS. Now, every LS packs a twin-turbocharged V6 putting out horsepower and pound-feet of torque. It's not the best-sounding engine on the planet, but its speed automatic is programmed to swap cogs quickly and smoothly, so the revs stay low and the experience remains hushed. The EPA rates the LS at 18 mpg city and 27 mpg highway with all-wheel drive, but I came up short by about 2 to 3 mpg on both fronts.

    2018 Lexus LS 500

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