Bmw m3 coupe convertible

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  • Listings 1 - 15 of Save $ on a used BMW M3. Search over listings BMW M3 Coupe RWD Review .. BMW M3 Convertible RWD.

    $10, Upfront Price Available. BMW M3 Convertible Manual for Sale in Virginia Beach, VA . $10, BMW M3 Coupe for Sale in Fort Myers, FL.

    Our expert team of auto researchers have reviewed the BMW M3 and . the M3 is offered in only one trim level among the coupe and hardtop convertible body.

    Because revving all the way to 8, rpm, the engine boasts truly shattering thrust and flexibility. Try a different search to see listings. All results Back to listings. With the roof open, the driver and his passengers enjoy equally unrestricted freedom with an incomparable feeling of the sun.

    Used BMW M3 Convertible RWD For Sale - CarGurus

    The roof folds in 22 seconds, and performs the reverse manoeuvre in the same time. Its structure and mechanism burdens the M3 with a not insignificant kg, which adds half a second to its mph time, although you can shave 0. Operating the roof is a simple case of pushing a switch, but mastering every facet of this new transmission is more complicated. For the greatest simplicity you merely slide the gearlever sideways into drive and leave the transmission to do the rest.

    You can over-ride this either by pulling on one of the neat paddles behind the wheel, in which case it switches to manual, or flick the transmission sideways again to engage Sport, which is actually a fully manual mode rather than a lively version of Drive. In other words, it gets more lively as you dial towards sport from comfort. In Sport, this same switch alters the speed of gearshifts and the level of automatic throttle blipping, and also provides an additional launch mode.

    Complicated, at first, and quick, of course. Largely, because in its most aggressive setting there is still a brief surge as you upshift on hard acceleration. Apart from the obvious sunny-day advantages of a convertible, this has to be one of the major benefits of buying a drop-top M3.

    But in isolation this M3 Convertible is a highly athletic beast, changing direction without hesitation and flaunting a cross-country fluency that is a pleasure to exploit. That said, this M3 Convertible is 30 per cent stiffer with its metal roof closed than the previous fabric-roofed model.

    And the descent through the gears as you stop at traffic lights, say, is not completely smooth. The pleasures of hearing that V8 in all its high octane, warbling glory are not be dismissed lightly, and you lose little of the M3's real-world performance as a result of the added weight.

    Undoubtedly, though, those who want the ultimate in dynamics will go for the closed roof option. The performance-obsessed should note that it makes the M3 a quicker car, that you get an extra gear making it more economical, too and that it provides another intriguing dimension of adjustment and fine-tuning. But this is a sometimes quirky transmission, one that does not always do what you want it to — especially from rest — that sometimes jerks, shudders and displays less finesse than a master of the manual gearshift would muster.

    Surely the best Cabrio on the market at any price! Not sure outside of South Africa or South of France the white paint job looks any good, certainly probably never for a bloke! I've a friend with a white M3 with black carbonfibre roof and told him as diplomatically as possible his wife would look better in it. Am I alone in thinking that these 'hard top' folding roofs do not look right with the roof up?. This is a lovely car with the roof down but with the roof up has too many lines and joins and looks unbalanced.

    I think the previous generation 3 series convertible and paticularly M3 with the soft top looked a lot better roof up and down. I am very fortunate. I have ordered an M3 Cariolet for delivery in the next few weeks. I have test driven the cab,Maserati,Jag XK,etc..

    I wanted an auto convertible. The Porsche was my favourite but had to be ignored as the rear seats are too small and my teenage children couldn't fit. The M3 has so many bases covered as a daily car, plus it will give you a great drive when the chance arrives. In this economic crunch cars like the Porsche et al are too flash. What surprised me when I ordered was that I was offered a car to my spec with delivery within weeks. Maybe the rumours of 1 year waiting lists are untrue. Interesting issues raised regarding the DCT.

    2005 BMW M3 Convertible Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Tour

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