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  • Detailed features and specs for the BMW 7 Series Mi xDrive including fuel economy, transmission, warranty, engine type, cylinders, drivetrain and.

    This phenomenal engine has horsepower on tap, with peak torque set at lb-ft. Even though the BMW Mi xDrive has four doors, this.

    For more perspective, the following vehicles are slower than the BMW Mi in both and quarter-mile times in Motor Trend testing: the.

    Yet the Mi also moves like a gifted big. The "other" fantasy 7 Series, created by the cult heroes of Alpina in Buchloe, Germany, wrings horsepower from a twin-turbo, 4. If power is a wash, the price is not: So considering their mirror-image performance and luxury, the choice between these flagships comes down to personal preference.

    For decades, packing 12 cylinders below the hood made a car—and by association, its driver—the unquestioned ruler of the road. But that royal veneer is cracking. These downsized V-8s generate such crushing power that it seems ridiculous to complain about the cylinder count.

    With horsepower from a twin-turbo, 6. The "other" fantasy 7 Series, created by the cult heroes of Alpina in Buchloe, Germany, wrings horsepower from a twin-turbo, 4. Torque is an identical pound-feet. If power is a wash, the price is not: Game over, I figured, especially after I drove the Alpina first. Ah, but the Mi makes its own case for rich-family adoption.

    Consider the Alpina the Daddy Warbucks special: Yet the B7 Alpina is still as correct and cosseting as any conventional 7 Series. The Mi is more like the car you'd use for a remake of Ronin.

    Compared with the B7 Alpina, its aggression is more naked, beginning with its standard M aerodynamic package. A pair of front air intakes are so large, they eat up the space normally afforded to fog lamps.

    Metallic gray trim adorns the intakes, BMW twin-kidney grille and active air flap louvers, along with body-contrasting mirror caps, lower doors, Air Breather side vents and oversized twin tailpipes.

    This Bimmer sounds just as intimidating. Two-stage exhaust flaps highlight the Hallelujah Chorus of the V over an especially broad acoustic range, from a pianissimo hum to a full tabernacle roar. A pair of mono-scroll turbochargers sit outside the dual six-cylinder banks, each cooled by a separate air-to-water intercooler. An additional water pump feeds a separate intercooler circuit, its efficient heat exchangers positioned directly on the intake manifold for the first time in a BMW V Fuel injectors spray precise bursts of atomized fuel at up to 2, psi.

    As noted, both models bring pound-feet of torque, but the Mi brings it quicker: Peak torque arrives at 1, rpm, compared to 3, rpm for the Alpina V Like the hp Audi S8 Plus , both sedans recalibrate your idea of big sedans when you floor the gas. In the Mi, I dialed up Launch Control, mediated via the stellar eight-speed ZF automatic gearbox, and achieved mile-per-hour enlightenment in 3.

    The point is, these are both roughly 2. Faced with that surplus, and such closely matched cars, I would have loved a back-to-back drive. Yet in my separate test drives, the Mi strikes me as the barely faster bolt of lightning, and the more-aggressively tuned machine in terms of chassis dynamics, despite its pounds of extra weight.

    On the twisty playgrounds of the Hudson Valley north of Manhattan, the Mi is the playground bully, effectively slapping the shit out of the pavement. Ditto for the driver-selectable Adaptive mode, which analyzes your real-time driving style, navigation data and even stereo camera readings to preview the road and regulate onboard chassis systems. Hmm, now I know why the BMW drives like a futuristic fortress: That camera must have noted every blurry tree during my test drives.

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