Jetta vr6 timing chain replacement

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  • VRs actually have timing chains, and 2 of them i believe. Join Date: Jul 23rd, ; Location: Boston, MA; Posts: 17,; Vehicles: 99 Jetta GLX . you can change one rail of the chains 1/2 of the problem but the chain.

    Scitoo Timing chain Kit Automotive Replacement Timing Parts Chain Sets For Chain Tensioner Sprockets Kit for Volkswagen Eurovan Golf Jetta L VR6.

    My timing chain slipped after a sprocket wore down to almost nothing causing $ in repairs. I had miles on it when the problem first appeared.

    Be extra careful not to damage the part of the headgasket that extends out from beneath the head and between the two chain covers. The procedure assumes that the transmission, clutch, flywheel, upper intake manifold and other small parts coilpack, TB, airbox Make sure to tighten the three 3 lower cover-to-oil pan bolts red arrows in Step 15 before tightening the sixteen 16 lower cover-to-block bolts or the seal between the lower cover and oil pan may leak. The procedure is fairly involved and extreme care should be taken while performing it. Remove the u-clip from the lower tensioner unit if you haven't already done so.

    Timing Chains & Tensioners at evwparts

    Log in or Sign up Close Panel. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 25 of I had some free time and all the necessary pics, so I put this little DIY together. Hope it's useful to someone. If you are using this DIY to reinstall an upper chain and time the engine after a head rebuild or headgasket replacement i. Since timing chains are considered by VW to be a "lifetime" item, there is no recommended mileage for the replacement or even inspection of timing chain parts.

    However, while timing chains should realistically outlast the rest of the car, the design of the guides and tensioners used to keep the chains tight on a 12v VR6 is inadequate IMO. It is very common for guides and tensioners to fail especially in older VR6 motors as mileage approaches or passes k miles.

    Unfortunately, failed guides or tensioners may cause a chain to jump a tooth or more on a sprocket or may even cause a chain to snap. If either were to happen, serious damage to the engine would result as valves slam into pistons at high speed. This sound has been described most often as "marbles in a can" or like a sewing machine. Go to this thread to hear a sound clip of the timing chain noise that was present in my car, and eventually led to the writing of this DIY - Timing Chain Noise Thread.

    You can also download a video containing bad timing chain noise sent to me by dankvwguy HERE. Any noise similar to those in the clips in these threads should be considered suspect. When the timing chain parts are in good working order, the chains are under considerable tension and NOTHING should be loose enough to rattle.

    If you hear a rattling noise, and it's coming from one or more of the timing chain parts, it most likely indicates that these parts are either loose or broken and should be repaired The timing chain setup on a VR6 consists of an upper and lower chain. The upper chain connects the camshaft sprockets to an intermediate shaft sprocket outer sprocket and the lower chain connects a second intermediate shaft sprocket inner sprocket to the crankshaft sprocket.

    The camshaft sprockets have 27 teeth, the crankshaft sprocket has 24 teeth and the inner and outer intermediate shaft sprockets have 32 and 18 teeth, respectively.

    The ratio between the camshaft and outer intermediate sprockets is 3: This yields a ratio between the camshaft and crankshaft sprockets of 2: Each timing chain has a guide rail curved on the upper chain, straight on the lower chain and tensioner rail to keep them tight. The lower tensioner rail is a one-piece, spring-driven unit, while the upper tensioner is a two-piece design consisting of a tensioner rail and a separate tensioner bolt.

    There are actually two versions of the upper timing chain setup. The early version used a double-row chain, a two-piece tensioner rail phenolic plate? Because of an unusually high rate of wear of the upper tensioner rail many are completely worn through the phenolic to the metal backing plate by k miles , the upper chain parts were replaced during the '97 model year with an "improved" setup consisting of a single-row chain, a single-piece, dense polymer tensioner rail and a tensioner bolt that uses both spring tension and oil pressure to apply force to the tensioner rail spring tension extends the bolt to a minimum length, around 18mm, and then oil pressure extends the bolt to it's final position - this tensioner bolt does not have a bleed hole to regulate oil pressure.

    According to the ETKA CD, the switchover point between the older and newer upper chains setups is determined by engine production number and is as follows: The newer setup lasts considerably longer. When I replaced my timing chain parts at nearly k miles, the upper tensioner rail had grooves in it from the chain that were only a fraction of a mm deep.

    VW VR6 Timing Chain Repair - Start to Finish - Jetta Golf 2.8L 12v

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