2007 infiniti m45 0-60

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  • Welcome to the most complete Infiniti & quarter mile times resource online . Infiniti G35 Sport Compare Car . Infiniti M45 Sport Compare Car.

    All specifications, performance and fuel economy data of Infiniti M45 Sport ( edition of the year for North America, including acceleration times

    Sport/luxury sedans? It's like this: If you want to be a player, you need something that not only delivers a lot of high-tech creature comforts and.

    Roger is great to work with. Select a Year GO. Problem is, the system apparently sees the inch-tall rubber cones we use to mark our figure-eight and slalom courses as impending collisions, turning a light brake tap into a full-on near-ABS threshold panic stop and nearly strangling the driver in the process. Let me know what brand of intak you get and how you like it.

    Lexus GS vs. Infiniti M45 Japanese Car Comparison - Motor Trend

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    Advertiser Directory Classifieds Fabricators' Market. I then took the lowest and highest results, ignored them, and averaged the rest. The temperature was 29 degrees. I did not notice any benefits when manually shifting the gears, so I just left it in drive. I'm getting my Element exhaust installed tomorrow, and then next week I'll re-do the numbers. I also went to my local college's automotive department and had the car dynoed.

    I got hp at the rear wheels. Yes, it's low, but I was told the dyno was particularly power-hungry and he said hp was VERY impressive on that machine. Here's my results from my runs: I thought that was pretty cool. After I previewed my post, it appears that all the time I spent trying to get my run columns to line up was in vain because they're all squished together now.

    It's a little harder to read, but it's all there. Tony Modified by Tony at 1: And did you have anything in the car that would weigh it down? Just want to put this in perspective, because I have seen numbers for the M45 ranging from 5. Modified by dernawe at 8: May I ask what your elevation is? I dont think the VK45 is really HP, its more like Still not too bad!!! Thanks for the post.

    Didn't the new SAE horsepower ratings knock the M45 from to hp? If so, how does it sound and perform? I'd love to know. Did you install it yourself? Have you done any other mods to your M? Hey Tony,Did you get the E exhaust installed and dynoed yet? I made every attempt to exactly mimic the conditions of the first round of tests.

    The only thing I couldn't control was the temperature, which was at 23 F. So it was 6 degrees colder than the first set of tests which was done at 29 F. And here they are: My time went from 5.

    The quarter mile saw even bigger gains, previously done in Take the results for what they're worth. I myself am quite excited about them. My Injen cold air intake has been ordered and hopefully will be here within the next month or so!!! I'll do some more runs after it's installed I am looking forward to seeing what effects the other changes have to your car!

    Im very surprised that you gained that much considering the finicky electronics of these newer cars. On some of the newer ECU's with other cars, you can actually lose performance with bolt-ons. Roger is great to work with. I highly recommend him.

    Exactly as Tony described. It will take a little getting used to around town, but sounds like a V8 should. I cant wait to get an intake and install it! Let me know what brand of intak you get and how you like it. I havent dynoed my car but would like to. I havent noticed any major difference in power either good or bad. I'm going to give the ECU a chance to get used to the intake, and then it's just a matter of the weather cooperating with my days off so I can do some more runs!

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