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  • How Tesla's falcon wing doors work, explained through LEGO
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  • Tesla Model Y Coming Sooner Than Expected, Will Feature Falcon a variation of the falcon-wing doors that are a hallmark of the Model X.

    Model X is the safest, quickest, most capable SUV ever—with standard all-wheel drive, best in class storage and seating for up to seven adults. Falcon Wing.

    Model X combines the space and functionality of a sport utility vehicle and the Falcon Wing doors allow easy access to second and third row seats from even a .

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    Tesla Model X Falcon Wing doors explained | TechnoBuffalo

    These kinds of doors have always been trouble; I remembered that the Gull wing doors all one piece, unlike the Falcon doors that have an extra hinge and are even more complicated were the bane of Bricklin owners. They didn't keep out the rain, they didn't open in winter if there was the tiniest bit of frost, they didn't fit in most garages because they went up so high. And sure enough, they are trouble indeed. According to the Wall Street Journal, they are a serious problem for a lot of owners like the Carters:.

    She expected some issues, but feels embarrassed that friends might think: In fact, the history of gull wing doors should have given Tesla some good reasons to avoid them. Mercedes invented them in because the design of the car required very high sills that you had to climb up to get over and out of the car.

    There was no headroom otherwise. But they are hard to engineer, and you had to lift the weight of the door instead of just swinging it. Then there is the Bricklin, where it is hard to single out the doors as the biggest flaw in this disaster, but certainly added to the weight which was too much for the engine's power and the leaking, because according to a Bricklin repair guy, it had "overpowered hydraulic door openers that actually bent the doors during usage.

    Gull wing doors are heavy and need some kind of assist to open them. The Delorean had a very clever torsion bar system, but torsion bars are hard to set precisely, and in some cases they actually warped the door to the point that it no longer fit. There is also an issue of safety; doors have to be designed so that they can be opened if the car flips. The Delorean had a window you could push out; the fancy Mercedes AMG actually has explosive bolts to blow the door off in emergencies. Oh, and short people could forget about gull wing doors; they often cannot reach them when they are open.

    On Popular Science, Eric Limer concludes: And ultimately, that's why gullwing doors and their like aren't more widespread: It's just so much easier not to have them. While they do offer a few benefits—and a whole boatload of cool—they cause more trouble and cost more money than they're ultimately worth. Most of us don't even know what we're missing anyway. And in the end they don't make it to very many cars, and the ones they wind up on tend towards the expensive.

    Gull wing doors were a solution looking for a problem, and Elon Musk has enough problems on his plate without complicating things even further. In the end, they are proving to be an expensive mistake.

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    Email Address Email is required. Those "falcon wing" doors are coming back to haunt Tesla. According to the Wall Street Journal, they are a serious problem for a lot of owners like the Carters: Many of them just don't work and are causing damage to the company's reputation. Related Content on Treehugger. What it's like to take a 1,mile road trip in a Tesla.

    Why I stopped writing about Tesla and why I might start again. Is Elon Musk going to reinvent the air conditioner? A photographic journey through a world of fridges.

    Tesla Model X falcon wing doors at tight parking

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