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  • View detailed ownership costs for the Tesla Model S on Edmunds. The Model S True Cost to Own includes depreciation, taxes, financing, fuel costs.

    Base prices for the Tesla Model S range from $ to $; the Model But unless you're a Tesla employee or you already own a Tesla, getting making the entire self-driving capability a grand total of $10, extra.

    Luckily, Edmunds has published data on the Model S and I knew that I could use my math skills to estimate the total cost of ownership for 5.

    If that was true Tesla LOA offers would be extremely attractive, benefiting a fantastic residual value after 5 or 5 years of usage. Previous What Makes a Tesla Special? No thanks, I prefer not making money. There is no potential for more drivers to become interested in EVs — saturated.

    True cost to own - Model S - inquiries | Tesla

    He has taken the time to put together some nifty calculators to attempt to figure out vehicle cost of ownership and to compare maintenance costs among competitors. Much of what Sullins does is spawned by questions and requests from other Tesla owners. In this latest installment, he estimates Tesla Model S ownership costs. This information will apply directly to a myriad of EV owners, as a substantial group of them reside in the Golden State. The Tesla website has a fuel savings calculator built into the Model S configurator.

    There is an abundance of information, complete with many charts and graphs, that spells it all out very clearly. However, as Sullins continually reminds, there are many variables. The first three are out-of-pocket expenses that require you to spend money however depreciation is the largest of the four categories by far. The data from Autolist. It would depend which version you get. Also their maintenance and repair cost estimates are insane.

    There is a problem with these estimates, they are backward looking. There are few used Model S on the market. Once you have more Model S hitting the used market, they will depreciate faster, Not as bad as the Germans, but probably more than a Lexus.

    True, and unique about Tesla is how much of the used market is in their hands. Most Model S cars are less than 3 years old. So there is no data to back up these claims. Price is a function of supply and demand. Going forward there will be more supply but the same or less demand due to competition from Bolt, new Leaf etc.

    Right, because demand is fixed. There is no potential for more drivers to become interested in EVs — saturated. There is massive demand for Teslas. That is what drives the used model S market. It also puts a floor on prices. If that was true Tesla LOA offers would be extremely attractive, benefiting a fantastic residual value after 5 or 5 years of usage. Tesla lease are crap, not even worth consirering, and reason is the crappy residual value in them. Unfortunaly because I would have considered a Lease ratther than a purchase for my future Model X…..

    Buy or lease one before you make comments like this. Currently a Model S owner buying not leasing , and we also have a Model 3 reservation. Just ask anyone who is looking for a deal on a used one. They are typically still at least 40k at car max of all places.

    No one has seen the mythical reservations, and Mr. Musk has shut his mouth about it. If Tesla sells more than 50, of this in any year in US alone, it will be a miracle. If he had such a large waiting list, would he be running around making a fool of himself digging rabbit holes here and there?

    The certified pre-owned programs of German cars are not so generous. Typically 2 years additional. I, if you noticed, own one. Tesla actually has not shut up about the , reservations. It is actually over , now. Cars which start at 66k and go up. We also have a Model 3 reservation. We were in the , range, and we got moved up when we purchased the S. So considering what my spot was, I can vouch for at least k reservations.

    The estimated depreciation here directly contradicts those provided in an piece yesterday, which claimed abnormally high depreciation for electric vehicles.

    TESLA Model 3 TRUE Cost of Ownership Compared with a Honda Civic & BMW 3 Series

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