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    We spend twelve months driving the Subaru Legacy GT and find it Our long-term Legacy GT wagon arrived in Limited trim, an upscale.

    If it's all over between you and the sport/utility craze, Subaru can bring you down easy with the Outback. First- and second-gen Outbacks were pumped up.

    Subaru Legacy third generation. Mud petrified on its flanks. These diesel models were introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in March, More important, the Legacy and Outback are two of the most fun-to-drive cars on pavement in this class.

    Subaru Legacy Outback First Drive - Motor Trend

    Even so, artful engineering aided by standard all-wheel drive for years has endowed even the more pedestrian models with impressive ride and handling. The "sport utility wagon" concept drew buyers to the Outback, but the quiet, comfortable ride and road manners made them devotees.

    I found the Legacy GT's handling to be very natural and confidence inspiring. One modification over the regular Legacy is a faster steering ratio, so the steering wheel requires less of a turn to achieve the same steering angle. It also makes the steering feedback firmer. Out on the street, the GT feels effortless to drive. The ride is firmer than average but unlikely to put off any sport-sedan shopper. This is one of the premier racetracks in the country, designed for racecars and speeds higher than most people will ever experience in a car.

    But how could I not give it a try? I still can't quite believe how well this car handled. I took nearly every corner in a graceful four-wheel drift and completed the track's long sweeper curve, called the carousel, at the limits of the car's traction.

    Where some Subarus are wanting for stickier tires, these seem perfectly matched. The Legacy GT's poise and controllability are truly surprising. Porsche and Audi aficionados were among the first to recognize that all-wheel drive isn't just for inclement weather or off-roading. Its ability to transfer torque between the front and rear prevents wheelspin, a condition that promotes lateral sliding. In so doing, all-wheel drive minimizes the influence of weight imbalances between the front and rear of the car.

    Front-heaviness is what causes many front-wheel-drive cars to push, or understeer , in turns. Being a manual, this GT had the simpler of two standard all-wheel-drive systems, which uses a viscous coupling combined with the Legacy GT's standard rear limited-slip differential. The automatic comes with more sophisticated electronically controlled Symmetrical AWD that's claimed to apportion more torque to the rear wheels. This could theoretically improve the car's balance in aggressive driving, but I didn't have any problem with the simpler all-wheel drive.

    If it's good enough for the WRX rally cars, it's good enough for me. They share a turbocharged , intercooled 2. The manual gearbox is well matched to this car. Even though the engine doesn't start kicking until close to 3, rpm and the transmission has five speeds rather than six, there's enough torque to get you off the line, and the gear ratios are well spaced. There's something exciting about waiting for the tachometer to hit that hot zone and then taking off like a shot.

    By working the shifter, you can keep the heat on as long as you want. The clutch pedal is forgiving without being soft. Then there's the automatic, which seems great on paper: The problem is it's geared for high-speed acceleration and passing. Step on the gas from a full stop, and the car commences a-moseying for full seconds before it really begins to accelerate. Nothing can make up for a 1st gear that's way too tall. This isn't just annoying.

    I don't recommend this drivetrain. In fact, I recommend against it. The Inside The Legacy GT isn't the roomiest in its class, particularly when you compare the backseat to that of, say, the Nissan Altima.

    With the emphasis on sport, the Legacy GT isn't as quiet as some midsize cars. Road noise at highway speeds is particularly noticeable, so keep your ears open during a test drive. Standard safety features include side-impact and side curtain-type airbags. The front seats have active head restraints. Though there are three head restraints in the back, none extends high enough to protect an adult. Legacy GT in the Market One can't overestimate the importance of styling, especially in midsize sedans.

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